About us

Max Control Auto Ltd. offers operating lease and long term rent for luxury cars. With no advance payments and at lower prices compared to these of the leasing companies, clients receive flexibility and optimization of the costs, choosing by their own the period of use and mileage suitable for them. The rent price includes all vehicle expenses, such as: insurance, road taxes, maintenance, insurance claims and repairs into authorized dealerships, tires according to the season.

No advance payments
Full tax credit according to VAT law no matter what kind of vehicle
Period of use and mileage all up to the client
Full service of the vehicle
No additional or hidden costs - rent price includes all vehicle expenses
Possibility of change of the vehicle with identical or a better one

The client can choose not only from the cars shown on the web site. It is possible to deliver and rent a car according to the specific requirements of the client.

Max Control Auto Ltd. delivers luxury cars, new and slightly used, with factory warranty, guaranteed origin, fully certified for the lack of crashes and accidents. Working in direct contact with official dealers and representatives of relevant brands, the company offers a premium selection of cars at best prices.